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This agreement is made by and entered into between _________(hereinafter referred to as Party A) and __________(hereinafter referred to as Party B) whereby Party A agrees to appoint Party B to act as its sole agent for the under-mentioned commodity(ies) in the designated territory on the terms and conditions set forth below:

(1) Name of Commodity(ies)

(2) Territory

The territory covered by this Agreement is confined to ... only. Party B shall not handle any of the specified commodity(ies) of other origins in the said territory and Party A agrees not to sell any of the specified commodity(ies) to others firms or importers in the said territory, except as provide in Article (10). Party A shall refer to Party B all enquiries received from clients in the said territory. However, if a third party insists on doing business direct with Party A, the latter shall have the right to do business direct with the third party and shall reserve for Party B a xx% commission on the transaction.

(3) Price and Quantity:

The price and quantity for the goods of each transaction are to be fixed through negotiations by both parties, Each transaction is subject to party A's final confirmation.

(4) Minimum Turnover:

Party B undertakes to place with party A orders amounting to... in the duration of this agreement. The amount of the orders placed during the first three months shall not be less than 1/4 of the total amount as mentioned above.

(5) Payment:

Payment is to be made by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit, without recourse, available by sight draft upon presentation of shipping documents to the negotiating bank in ... The letter of credit for each order shall reach Party A... days before the date of shipment.


Party A agrees to pay party B a commission of ...% (...percent) on FOB value of orders placed by party B under this Agreement. No commission shall be paid until after Party A receives the full payment for the order concerned.

(7) Advertising & Publicity

Party A shall take every effective measure to advertise the products under Agency,in order to expand the sales of the products in the duration of this Agreement, Party A shall also provide Party B, free of charge, with the advertising materials, if available.

(8) Arbitation:

All disputes arising from the execution of, or in connection with, this Agreement shall be settled amicably through friendly negotiation, in case no settlement could be reached through negotiation, the case shall be referred to a third party approved by both parties for arbitration. The arbitral award made by the third party is final and binding upon both parties.

(9) Tender:

Party B undertakes to forward promptly to Party A all calls for tenders issued by local government bodies or their appointed representative for the supply of the commodity(ies) covered by this A agreement together with all relevant information and/or materials. Should Party A decide to submit a tender, offers shall be made through Party B with priority. The prices are to be mutually decided on each occasion, Party A, however, reserves the right to submit offers either directly or through a third party without being bound by this Agreement.

(10) Transaction with Governmental Bodies:

The transactions concluded between Governmental bodies of Party A's country and those of Party B's are not restricted by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, nor shall the amount of such transactions be counted as part of the turnover mentioned in this Agreement.

(11)Market Report:

In order to keep party well informed of the prevailing market conditions, party B shall undertake to supply party A, at least once a calendar quarter or at any time when necessary, with market report covering information on changes of local regulations in connection with the importation and sales of the commodity(ies) covered by this Agreement, local market tendency, buyer's comments on quality, packing, price, etc. of the goods supplied by party A under this Agreement. Party B shall also supply party A with quotations, samples and advertising matters of similar commodity(ies) of others suppliers.

(12) Amendment and Supplements:

Any amendments and /or supplements to this agreement shall be made in writing and duly confirmed by both parties through negotiation and such amendments and /or supplements shall be regarded as an integral part of this Agreement.

(13) Validity of the Agreement:

This agreement, when duly signed by the parties concerned, shall remain valid for a period of .... commencing from ... and terminating on ... if no written objection is raised by either party one month before its expiration, this Agreement shall be automatically extended for another one year.

(14) In the event of a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement by one of the parties the other party is entitled to cancel this Agreement forthwith by giving notice in writing to the defaulting party.

This agreement is make out in Chinese and English, both versions being equally valid,Each party shall keep one original of this Agreements.

Party A. Party B.
























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